The woman had just given birth, but a few seconds later the husband collapses

For three years David and Kate tried to have a baby, but one day the good news came: Kate was pregnant with twins!

The two were happy out of the way, the pregnancy went perfectly until Kate went into labor. She gave birth to two beautiful babies two minutes away: Jamie and Emily, but the doctor had bad news: Jamie had not survived, although they had tried to bring him back to life for 20 minutes. So the devastated parents decided to take matters into their own hands.

Kate and David refused to leave their little boy’s body in the hands of the doctors, so they both held him in their arms to keep his body warm. Kate was the one who asked her husband to go up to the hospital bed where she was to hug the little one. Everything was happening in a room full of 20 people worried about the fate of all those involved in this strange case.

But what happened next can certainly be qualified as a MIRACLE! In his mother’s arms, Jamie began to move and his breathing became stronger and stronger. The hospital staff hurried to his aid and together, parents and doctors, brought the boy back to life, for good, this time.

Jamie is now 7 years old and is the happiest child his parents have ever met and his biggest problem is that he tells all his new friends that he was dead a long time ago, but he is resurrected.

Here is what my mother confesses: “I saw him still struggling to breathe, but the doctor said it was in vain. I took Jamie from the doctor and told everyone to leave. It was cold and all I wanted was to warm it up. We had been trying to have children for years and I felt so guilty. I just wanted to hold him. I unveiled him and ordered my husband to take off his shirt and go to bed. I know it sounds stupid, but if he was still trying to breathe it was a sign of life in him and I wasn’t going to give up so easily!

At one point but he began to take a deep breath… Then he opened his eyes. He breathed and grabbed David’s finger. If we let the doctor leave the room with him, Jamie would be dead now. ”

The twins found out the story of the miracle of their birth only when they were 5 years old, Emily, the little girl, burst into tears and constantly hugged her dear little brother.

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