Sean Hannity Is Not Happy After This Video Goes Viral

With over 9.32 million subscribers on YouTube, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show has become a popular source of news and satire for a younger audience.

Hosted by comedian Trevor Noah, this comedy news program uses humor to shed light on current events and the state of the world. And it’s no surprise that The Daily Show loves poking fun at celebrities, especially those who they believe are doing wrong.

Recently, they shared a 15-minute video titled “The Words of Sean Hannity”, and it has gone viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of views.

Sean Hannity, famously known as former President Trump’s Fox News confidant, has had many thought-provoking conversations with Trump while at home.

The Daily Show describes Hannity as an “infamous hypocrite” and refers to him as Trump’s “pillow talk buddy”. In the video, viewers are exposed to a series of clips featuring Hannity, many of which were originally aired on his own Fox News program.

People were stunned by the things Hannity said and shocked that he seemed to get away with it.

At one point, Hannity declares on his Fox News broadcast, “Tonight, I can report that the sky is absolutely falling, we are doomed, the end is near, the apocalypse is imminent, and you’re all going to die.”

But then he quickly switches gears and adds, “Or at least that’s what the media mob would like you to think.” This stark contrast is just the beginning of the eye-opening comparison made by The Daily Show between Hannity’s coverage of the Biden 2020 presidential race and Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House in 2016.

The discrepancies are quite shocking, and it’s something that everyone should see, especially those who are fans of Hannity’s Fox News program. This segment begs the question: Could Hannity’s reporting be more fiction than fact?

Since the release of the video, thousands of people have been sharing their thoughts and opinions on The Daily Show’s YouTube channel. Here are some of the comments:

“’I’m not a doctor, but…’” – one person quoted Hannity before adding, “You can just stop there.”
“There is no way they could cram the worst of this man into 15 minutes.”
“It is so satisfying to know Hannity is bitter he doesn’t have direct access to the president anymore and has gone back to being a cable news hack the White House will ignore.”
“It’s hard to do ‘a worst of’ when each day it would have to be revised because of his most recent show.”

“I love how he’s recommending Biden take a physical. Meanwhile, Trump struggled to take a sip of water and nary a peep.”
“I don’t believe we’ve seen the worst of that guy yet, and I’m not talking about the fact that this episode has yet to premiere as of this moment.”
One of the highlights of the video is a “rap battle” that starts around the 2:45 mark, which was particularly popular among The Daily Show viewers. It’s received praise for its creativity and editing.

“The Sean Hannity rap battle part was genius and well-edited. I need to see more of these. Awesome. Hahaha! Eminem’s hand movement was on point with his words.”

So, what are your thoughts on the “worst” of Sean Hannity? It’s certainly creating quite a buzz!

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