Remember little Jake Harper from Two and a Half Men? This is him now

In the popular American television sitcom “Two and a Half Men” we met Angus T. Jones as Jake Harper, a sweet little boy, but a little bit silly.

At the age of 10, Angus was offered the role of Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men.

The series became knownaround the world and this helped Angus reach a salary of $ 300,000 per episode, becoming the highest paid child on television.

Success and wealth did not, however, benefit Angus. He made the decision to quit Hollywood and the program because he didn’t appreciate being in the spotlight.

Austin is now 27 years old and his appearance has changed, as he has long hair and a beard. Angus T. Jones was born on October 3, 1993 in Texas.

From the age of 4 he began to get used to life on TV because he played in various commercials. At the age of 5 he received his first role in the film “Simpatico” and at the age of 6 he had his first lead role in “See Spot Run”.

Although he played several roles, his life was about to change when he was offered the role of Jake Harper in “Two and a Half Men.

The casting team liked Angus so much that they offered him the role immediately, even though he was the first child they interviewed. He played alongside Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. His character, Jake, lived in his uncle’s house with his father, immediately after his parents divorced.

People adored Jake because he was a humorous boy with a curios personality. According to statistics, each episode of the series received over 15 million viewers, making it the most well-liked in the country. People believe that Angus played a significant role in the series’ popularity, but over time, the character turns into a troubled adolescent. Jake develops into a character who has sex and drug problems.

In the ninth season’s final episode, Jake enlists in the military. When Angus learns about a new religion in 2012, he realizes that he is not satisfied with the way his character has grown. In 2012, he became a Seventh-day Adventist and underwent baptism.

Then Angus declared that no one should watch Two and a Half Men and that he would leave the program. Additionally, he stated that he no longer wanted to portray Jake and that the show has a bad impact on viewers. 2014 marked the official year that Angus exited the program.

Angus believed that the show discusses issues like drugs that are actual difficulties for certain people. The actor does not regret his choice, but he is sorry that he upset the show and its creator, Chuck Lorre, by going public.

After “Two and a Half Men”, Angus disappeared from the spotlight. He moved to Colorado and studied religion at the University of Colorado Boulder. He explained that he wanted to go to university and was very pleased with his decision.

Not much is known about Angus at the moment, but various sources say he lives in Los Angeles now.

If you want to follow Angus, he has an Instagram account where he posts sometimes.

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