Fans have been talking about John Goodman’s illness because the actor has struggled with depression and drinking.

American actor John Goodman is well-known for his work in both film and television. His work as Dan Conner on the popular TV series Roseanne, which ran from 1988 to 1997 and was recently revived in 2018, is likely what made him most well-known.

Goodman has acted in a number of movies throughout his career, such as Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Monsters, Inc. He has performed in roles on TV shows like Community and Treme in addition to Roseanne.

He is also renowned for his vocal roles in animated movies and TV shows. He has provided the voices for characters in The Emperor’s New Groove, Cars, The Princess and the Frog, American Dad!, and The Simpsons on television.

John Goodman, a respected American actor best recognized for his work in The Big Lebowski and Roseanne has battled mental illness and substance abuse his whole life.

In 2007, Goodman made it known that he had a depression diagnosis and had battled alcoholism for a long time.

Early in his 20s, he started drinking regularly, and his addiction finally resulted in some physical and psychological disorders. He entered a rehab center in 2007 to address his alcoholism and has been sober ever since.

Goodman has fought not only drunkenness but also depression. At some point in his life, he received a depression diagnosis. He says it’s a “chemical issue, a brain thing,” which shows itself as “wide unhappiness with everything.”

He has been candid about his experience with the condition, claiming it has been a never-ending struggle. Despite this, he has maintained his positive attitude and continued his work and activities in the entertainment sector.

He has worked hard recently to put his health and well-being first. He has vowed to keep his mental health in good shape and has remained sober. His attention has also been on maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

John Goodman is renowned for having a hefty physique. However, he realized that his stature posed a health danger sometime in the 2000s. In a 2010 interview with David Letterman, he said he was “pushing 400 pounds… somewhere up there.”

Goodman claimed that he had previously fluctuated in weight and had no trouble losing (and gaining) 60 pounds at once. It was not, however, the healthiest cycle. Friends and family asked him to “lighten up” since his enormous frame was shattering furnishings.

Given his significant weight loss, Goodman seems to be a candidate for gastric bypass or lap band surgery. But he never relied on modern medicine to give him his new look.

He stressed portion control in many interviews; the less he drank, the less he ate till he was in pain. However, he needed Mackie Shilstone, his trainer, to help him determine which foods would benefit him.

The Mediterranean diet is described by Shilstone as “primarily plant-based, with a decreased intake of red meat, lots of fruits and vegetables, and strongly driven by olive oil.”

He works out six days a week as well. Goodman urged Peter Travers to move and exercise. “I can no longer afford to be a couch potato. Despite how demanding it is, it drives me to work.”

Goodman has lost 100 pounds of weight. And he hasn’t shown any signs of gaining weight since he took on the role of Dan Conner again in 2018. He seems to attribute his continued progress to the 12-step philosophy.

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