Brian Austin Green Shares Cancer Update On Shannen Doherty; Offers Support To Tori Spelling During ‘Difficult’ Situation

Brian Austin Green is making the rounds in preparation for his participation in Season 2 of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, but his recent remarks had nothing to do with that.

Instead, he gave an update on Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty, two of his former 90210 co-stars.

For those who don’t know, Shannen Doherty has been fighting breast cancer since March 2015. In 2016, she received anti-estrogen therapy, had a single mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.

She made the announcement that the cancer, which had advanced past her lymph nodes, was in remission in April 2017.

Sadly, her cancer came back in 2019 and was upgraded to stage 4, which means it has spread beyond its original site.

Shannen disclosed her cancer had gone to her brain three years later, in June 2023, and that it was terminal, which meant that there was nothing that could be done to treat or cure it and that it would cause death.

They have remained close friends over the years, and Doherty even gave Green credit for supporting her as she fought a deadly disease.

Following her cancer diagnosis, she reportedly told “Good Morning America” in 2020 how the “Desperate Housewives” alum helped her finish filming “BH90210”:

“I had moments of great anxiety where I thought, ‘I can’t really do this,’ and Brian was the one person of that group of people that knew, that I told pretty quickly.”

Doherty shared a video of herself receiving radiation treatment on Instagram in June 2023, announcing that her cancer had spread to her brain.

She acknowledged being terrified while describing herself as “extremely claustrophobic.” The TV personality, however, kept a cheerful disposition and expressed her gratitude to her medical team for their amazing work.

At the Annual Open Hearts Gala in Beverly Hills in February of the same year, her co-star Green was open about how she was doing, saying:

“I don’t want to speak about her too much, but it’s a hard situation.”

The Los Angeles native admitted that living with the illness is challenging. According to Green, adversity only makes individuals stronger if they let it—which is what Doherty was doing at the time.

He called her a “good person,” adding that she earned the friendships and well wishes she had received. The TV personality turned 50 in July 2023, and his longtime friend Doherty, 52, honored him with a heartfelt Instagram post.
“I don’t want to talk too much about her, but it’s a difficult situation,”

The famous person shared images of the two enjoying fun with their other co-star and buddy, Ian Ziering, who portrayed Steve Sanders in “BH90210.”

From 1990 through 1994, Doherty and Green co-starred with Tori Spelling in the teen drama series as Brenda Walsh and David Silver. He stayed on the show until 2000, while she quit because of an apparent quarrel on the set.

Green provided an update on Doherty’s status in a recent interview and called her a “incredibly tough person” despite her cancer struggle, adding:

“If there’s anyone who could put up a real fight to cancer – she’s one of them. It’s not an easy situation, obviously.”

The “Knots Landing” actor disclosed he keeps in touch with Doherty, who is doing her best to make the most of her challenging circumstances. Green also talked openly about his personal health problems.

Vertigo and ulcerative colitis were the initial symptoms before it went neurological and he started speaking less. Green lost his abilities to speak, walk, read, and write. He said he wouldn’t be able to work for four years.

The actor, who was not formally diagnosed, merely hoped that he would return to normal.

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