After her “Friends” co-star Matthew Perry passed away, Lisa Kudrow thought about adopting his dog

Following Matthew Perry’s death this past weekend at the age of 54, fans are grieving globally.

Perry was well-known for his role as Chandler Bing in the enduring, adored sitcom Friends. He shared a deep bond with his co-stars.

Following the actor’s passing, one of his Friends coworkers is allegedly considering adopting Perry’s dog.

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One of the many tragic aspects of Matthew Perry’s passing is that he left behind his gorgeous pet dog, Alfred.

In January 2021, Perry debuted his pet doodle mix on Instagram with a photo that instantly captured the hearts of followers: “Who’s cuter? Don’t respond to it,” the performer wrote.

After his death, Alfred would undoubtedly miss his owner. Dogs are incredibly emotionally sophisticated creatures that appear to comprehend the death of their owners; occasionally, they even grieve beside the grave.

For Perry’s passing, it’s unclear who is looking for Alfred, but one Friends co-star would be willing to step up and take the dog in.

After Perry’s funeral, Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed Phoebe on the sitcom, is considering adopting Alfred, a source close to the actress told The Daily Mail.

Lisa and the cast will be there at his funeral. The insider added Lisa is also thinking about adopting his cherished dog Alfred.

Perry’s passing was reportedly reported to have “baffled” Kudrow. Over the course of his career, the actor struggled with alcohol and opiate addiction, but in recent years, he had maintained sobriety.

Perry’s body was discovered in his hot tub. Police did uncover prescription antidepressants and anxiety meds on the site, but no illegal substances. Despite the fact that the cause of death has not been formally disclosed, his co-stars apparently think they could have played a part.

The source told Daily Mail, “Although no one wants to believe it was medication – prescribed or not – of course that is a thought in their minds.” “They believe he had to take something that was incompatible with the warm water.”

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The ensemble of Friends had a very tight bond both on and off screen, and Perry’s co-stars helped him through his struggles with substance misuse.

“He has a tough version of this hideous disease,” Kudrow said to the New York Times last year. “His determination to persevere, to fight, and to live” is unwavering.

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“I adore Matthew dearly. We belong to a family. I know I’m essentially closing this by saying “I’ll be there for you,” but it’s true. I will support him no matter what.

Although Kudrow’s decision to adopt Alfred is still up in the air, it would be a heartfelt farewell to her Friends co-star to ensure his dog is happy ❤️.

Matthew Perry, rest in peace. Kindly tell the actor this tale in their honour.

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